The blog with a plan

I’ve come to terms with the fact that I have a theme less blog.

I sew but never take pictures or write up tutorials.

I’m constantly rearranging and fixing up the house but there is no proof online.

I have kids but there will be zero parenting advice from me.

And pictures in my posts? Well, all I’ve got is a camera phone that is ridiculously fuzzy. 


But like I said, I’m cool with that. so don’t expect much. No theme, no pictures, no schedule of when posts will show up. Just me, with my 3rd or 4th? blog attempting to make another half hearted go of it. 🙂


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Life at it’s ugliest

When I finally write a book I’ve got two strong contenders for the name

“How to raise the laziest four year old ever.”


“1,000 tantrums a day: why I’m locked up in this happy place.”


Suffice it to say it has NOT been an easy day.

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A birthday wish

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It’s 2am, do you know where your husband is?

Mine is at work, working late so he can take off two days this weekend to go to Comicon. I should be asleep but I can’t sleep at night when he;s not home. I took a nap this evening, after the kids fell asleep so I’m feeling ok for now. But When L wakes up in 5 hours I may not be feeling so ok.

Vegging on house hunters, snacking on chips and salsa, here I am.

Oh, just got the “leaving” text from N. I’m off to bed.


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PR&P: Lily’s Love Coat

When I thought about what I wanted to create for PR&P this week I was drawn to a pink, cotton heart print that I bought last year on clearance.

I decided to use a retro pattern, Simplicity 9850. I didn’t have enough of the pink cotton so I added a bright pink fleece as the bodice, sleeves, and collar. I also lined the bottom of the coat with the fleece for warmth. Additionally, I altered the sleeves so they weren’t gathered and added a couple extra buttons to the front of the coat.

I love how this turned out, the detailing on the pockets, collar, sleeves, and down the front really make it look professional. Plus, it fit’s Lily wonderfully and will be prefect as the weather slowly warms up around here.

The pattern I used:


Lily’s Love Coat:







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Unfortunately I did not finish my outfit for boys week in time. I’ve got the pants almost done and that’s it, no shirt or jacket like I had planned.

I do still plan on finishing it and posting it here , I’m just not sure when that’s going to happen.

So, why didn’t I get it done? Well, here are all my excuses 🙂

Thursday night after posting my stripes and polka dots outfit I started on the pants, Friday E was still sick, Saturday I cleaned house in preparation for my brother to come visit, Sunday through Tuesday my brother was here, Wednesday L and I both got really sick, and today the kids are doing better but I’m still sick. Whew, I am exhausted!

So nope, no boys outfit this week but I will continue to sew along. I guess now I need to start in on my “Love in is the air” outfit. I think next time I need to start sewing the second the themes are announced! lol.


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PR&P Week Two: Lots of dots and a touch of stripes.

Whew, two down, four to go!

I set out this year to sew along to the first 2013 season of PR&P. I’m not trying for greatness here, just a little challenge to force me to complete not one but six projects.

You see, I’m a classic procrastinator and I also have a terrible tendency to not finish what I start (hello, ADD). So, the fact that I’m two for two has me over the moon. Especially when you factor in the fact the E has been sick for the past couple days with a nasty cold/flu combo and L has been super clingly lately. But I did it, so enough ramblings here is my week two outfits.

I originally planned on doing a stripped swing top and polka-dotted shorts but on Tuesday I ran into goodwill with L and a cheerful coral colored polka-dotted seersucker top greeted me. Best of all? it was 1/2 off, score!

So, I scrapped my original plans and created the adorable long-sleeved button up shirt complete with pin tucks and just a touch a stripes seen at the cuffs of the sleeves. I added a simple pair of ruched grey knit leggings and this is the perfect spring outfit!




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